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Monitor For New Files In Specified Directory


A solution that monitors for new files in a specified directory and sends you an e-mail when a new file is created. Only if the new file doesn't end on 'tmp', an e-mail will be received. (This is because when you save a picture from Google Chrome, at first .tmp file will be created and after saving the picture under you desired name, another file of the actual picture will be created, that means - two e-mails.) Use-case example: - You want to monitor for error logs in your folder and get email with file path/file name for every new log. Setup: - File Monitor Bot "My File Monitor"




Required Public Apps: 2

From the Public App Store

Files & Processes

App that enables you to work with the files and the processes on your PC: - Read, Write, Get files.. - Start processes on your PC and get the info from them.. - Monitor changes in directories (new files, changed files, new directories, changed directories, etc..)


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