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Torrent Web Remote Control


A solution that enables you to remotely control your torrents from the web. Wherever you are - you can log in to your 'Web Bots' site (https://easybots.net/WebBots) and you will be able to upload torrents, start/stop/pause downloading torrents, get progress, etc... Needed Web Bots: - File Upload "Torrent FileUploader" - ListBox "Torrent List" - ListBox "Torrent Commands" Items: Get Torrents Start Downloading Selected Stop Downloading Selected Pause Downloading Selected Get Progress of Selected - Label "Torrent StatusLabel"


Martin N.1


Required Public Apps: 3

From the Public App Store

Web Bots

Your personal bots on the web! Customize your Easybots' web page "My Web Bots" (https://easybots.net/WebBots) so that you can control other bots from the web. Combine with 'USB Camera' app to get a pic from your living room from the web, or remotely start/stop solutions - anything you can think - now you can do it from the web.

uTorrent App

An Easybots App for manipulating with torrents using uTorrent Client. Use this app to easly download, pause, stop, delete, get notification when downloading of torrent is finished and many more.

Easybots Variables

Get notification when a Easybots' variable has changed, or control your variables from the Easybots' solutions - this app exposes the easybots' variables as bots so that you can use them with other bots and change variable values from your solutions.