Running Apps as Different User

This section explains how to change the credentials of the easybots' service responsible for starting Apps.

Default: Run As System

The Easybots' apps can be setup to start automatically when your computer starts. This is done from the 'App Details' page (Editor -> Right click on the App -> Manage App).

Change Credentials to Run as Different User

If the preinstalled users are not sufficient for running your apps, you can change one of the provided 'Easybots App Life Manager' windows services to run with different account.

  1. Open 'Services' [Windows Services]
  2. Find the 'Easybots Apps Life Manager' windows service ('Standard User' or 'Custom User')
  3. Open Properties for that windows service
  4. Under the 'Log On' tab, enter the account you want your apps to run as
  5. Restart the service.