Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Easybots Help Me?

We created Easybots to make it easy for the developers to create Personal Software Solutions.
Personal Software Solution is an automated task, or a software solution that solves specific problem to a person.
It can be anything you want to automate, and we wanted the developers to be able to do it in matter of minutes, not hours.

Some examples of what you can do in couple of minutes:

  • Every 5 minutes, count the rows in a SQL table, and send that count to an email
  • When there is new GIT Commit, do a 'git pull' and start compiling
  • Take Screenshot from my PC Screen, do Optical Character Recognition and send the text to my email
  • On voice command 'Computer, Play Music', start my favorite playlist
  • When I press a button on my 'Web Bots' webpage, take a picture with my USB web camera, and upload that pic to my web bots webpage
  • Every 5 minutes, automatically log-in to a website, get contents, if the text 'New Update From John Doe' is found => Send Me Notification
  • See more examples in the Public Solutions Store..
To summarize,
Easybots Studio helps you automate anything in minutes, as long as you have the right bots.
If the bots you need are not in the Public App Store, you can create your own. Integrating your code to the Easybots platform usually takes 5-15 minutes.
See How To Code My First Bot.

How Do I Install It?

You install Easybots on your PC by running our installer. The installer will install both the:

  • Easybots Studio: A desktop application for Visual Flow-Based* Programming. (*inspired)
  • Easybots Platform: Windows Services that enable the apps and bots to talk to each other and run automatically after your PC restarts

What Programming Languages Are Supported For Creating Bots?

Currently, the .NET languages (C#, VB) are supported for writing new apps and bots, but we are working on supporting Java and Python.

How Do I Share My Bots With Other People?

Bots can be shared through our App Stores.
The bots are created in .NET Applications (apps). The app is then uploaded through the Easybots Studio, simply by zipping all the assemblies and uploading that zip file to our servers.

If you don't want to share your app publicly, you can upload the app to your 'Private App Store'.
You will have the option to share your app to a specific person from there (free of charge or for a fee).

Why Do I Need To Create An App, And Not Just Bot?

There are number of reasons we decided to host bots in an app, but mainly it is because it is easier for the developers:

  • No need to learn new way of creating bots, just create an application from Visual Studio
  • Easier to test the bots. They are just regular instances of a class in your app
  • Each App can have its own UI, there are no restrictions how you will design the UI for your app. In many cases, you will not even need an UI
  • Easier to upload the app and the bots. Simply zip the dlls, and upload the zip file
  • Easier to integrate your custom application to the easybots platform, and upload your app
  • etc..

How Do I Create Solutions?

Solutions are created with drag&drop of triggers and actions in the Easybots Studio.
From the App Explorer (left side), you drag bots' triggers and actions to create your flow, and drop them in the 'Editor'. Remember, the first node in the solution must be a trigger! Creating Solutions

What is 'Web Bots'?

We wanted to provide an easy way for our users to control other bots from web.
'Web Bots' is your personal, customizable web page. You can customize this web page by adding buttons, image boxes, text boxes, labels, sliders, any many other components.
To get the commands from these components on your computer, you need to install the 'Web Bots App' on your PC, and that will allow you to receive triggers from the web bots, or invoke action on the web bots (for example: Image Box => Set Image)
With Web Bots, you have direct link between your PC and your website, anywhere, anytime.

All The Apps Take Too Much Space On My Taskbar. What Can I Do?

You can hide the app by starting it in a non-UI session.
In the App Explorer in Easybots Studio, choose 'Manage App', set it to 'Start automatically', and then close the app. After couple of seconds, the app will be started, but it will not show the UI, nor you will see it in the taskbar. Even if you restart your PC, the app will start automatically, to make sure the bots you are using will continue working event after restarting the PC.

How Do I Run The Apps As Different User?

Read more here: Running Apps as Different User