Automate and Create Solutions in Minutes

Flow-Based* Programming for Devs and Enthusiasts

Easybots makes it easy to automate tasks and create personal software solutions by connecting bots.

Bots are "software robots" that fire triggers and execute actions.

Download Bots or Make Your Own!

Using a visual programming editor, you create software solutions by drag&drop of triggers and actions in a flow.
*Inspired from Flow-Based Programming.

How Can Easybots Help Me?

We created Easybots to make it easy for the developers to create Personal Software Solutions.
Personal Software Solution is an automated task, or a software solution that solves specific problem to a person.
It can be anything you want to automate, and we wanted the developers to be able to do it in matter of minutes, not hours.

Some examples of what you can do in couple of minutes:

  • Every 5 minutes, count the rows in a SQL table, and send that count to an email
  • When there is new GIT Commit, do a 'git pull' and start compiling
  • Take Screenshot from my PC Screen, do Optical Character Recognition and send the text to my email
  • On voice command 'Computer, Play Music', start my favorite playlist
  • When I press a button on my 'Web Bots' webpage, take a picture with my USB web camera, and upload that pic to my web bots webpage
  • Every 5 minutes, automatically log-in to a website, get contents, if the text 'New Update From John Doe' is found => Send Me Notification
  • See more examples in the Public Solutions Store..
To summarize,
Easybots Studio helps you automate anything in minutes, as long as you have the right bots.
If the bots you need are not in the Public App Store, you can create your own. Integrating your code to the Easybots platform usually takes 5-15 minutes.
See How To Code My First Bot.

Next - Main Concepts

Main Concepts

There are four concepts in the Easybots platform:

  • Apps
  • Bots
  • Triggers and Actions
  • Solutions


Apps are standalone windows applications that can be downloaded from the App Store (or developed by yourself). These apps expose their functionalities to the other apps through bots.


Bots are "software robots" that contain Triggers and Actions, which are used to create sequences/workflows in the Easybots Studio.

The Easybots platform enables you to create sequences of

  • Trigger and

  • Action nodes,

and let the data flow from one node to another for processing.

Multiple sequences grouped together form a Solution
Usually, you group sequences in one easybots' solution to create one software solution.

Next - More Examples

1. Voice Controlled Music Player

We want to control the music player on our PC with voice commands. When you say 'Computer, play music', a random song from the music library is played. When you say 'Computer, stop music', the music stops playing.

Needed Apps:
- Voice Controls App
- Medial Player App


2. Web Controlled USB Camera

We want to create a monitoring system by attaching a USB cam to the PC. When a button is clicked on the user's Web Bots page ( the USB cam will take a picture, and display that picture on the web page. Additionaly, we want every hour to get a picture from the USB cam on email.

Needed Apps:
- USB Cameras App
- Timers and Alarms App
- Web Controls App


Next - Video Examples

Video Examples

Example: Send Email When File Changes

This is a showcase how Easybots Studio can be used to create a 'file monitor' solution with Visual Flow-Based Programming.

Video Examples

GIT Monitor - Notify On New Commits

Motion Detector with USB Camera

Watching on desktop? Click here to see the examples in Full Easybots Studio View..

GIT Monitor - Notify On New Commits (Full View)

Motion Detector with USB Camera (Full View)

Next - Easybots Studio

Easybots Studio

The Easybots Studio is a windows desktop application where you can:
- Create Solutions
- Download, Upload and Share Solutions
- Download, Upload and Share Apps
and much more...
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