Automate and Create Solutions in Minutes

Flow-Based* Programming for Devs and Enthusiasts

Easybots makes it easy to automate tasks and create personal software solutions by connecting bots.

Bots are "software robots" that fire triggers and execute actions.

Download Bots or Make Your Own!

Using a visual programming editor, you create software solutions by drag&drop of triggers and actions in a flow.
*Inspired from Flow-Based Programming.

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Video Examples

Example: Send Email When File Changes

This is a showcase how Easybots Studio can be used to create a 'file monitor' solution with Visual Flow-Based Programming.

More Examples

GIT Monitor - Notify On New Commits

Motion Detector with USB Camera

Watching on desktop? Click here to see the examples in Full Easybots Studio View..

GIT Monitor - Notify On New Commits (Full View)

Motion Detector with USB Camera (Full View)

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